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Is It Time For Your Blog To Have An SEO MOT?

Let's face it, finding the time to get your head around SEO and then actually work out what you need to do on your blog can be really hard to find! Especially when you consider all the technical aspects like rel=canonical tags, hreflang tags and indexation issues. It can be really daunting... But do you know how important it is to get your SEO in order? Think about it. If you are looking for something, where is the first place you go to find answers? Google, right?

A History of Survival Horror

If there's one genre of video games that I have always loved, it would be Survival Horror. But what exactly is this genre? What makes it different from just any other horror genre? Well, the basic rules of Survival Horror are that your character is thrown into a world of horrific nightmares and/or murderous enemies without the tools necessary to truly defend themselves.

How We Saved For A Mortgage Deposit When Renting

Saving for a deposit is really hard, isn’t it? This is especially true when you’re having to pay rent, as it takes up a huge amount of your income. So, how do you do it?

Well, it took us a lot of hard work, scrimping and planning, and a total of 3 and a half years, but we managed to get together enough of a deposit to buy a so-called “starter home” outright… No shared ownership. No “help to buy”… And you can too. Here’s how.

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