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A History of Survival Horror

If there’s one genre of video games that I have always loved, it would be Survival Horror. But what exactly is this genre? What makes it different from just any other horror genre?

Well, the basic rules of Survival Horror are that your character is thrown into a world of horrific nightmares and/or murderous enemies without the tools necessary to truly defend themselves.

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The Top 7 Video Game Remakes I’d Love To See

Nostalgia – it’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it? That feeling of reliving some of your favourite moments or events can be really powerful! However, often times you are looking back on these things through rose-tinted glasses, and when you actually try to relive them, you’re let down.

For example; in my head the original Crash Bandicoot trilogy looked the same as the new N-Sane Trilogy remake does. Of course, that’s just not the case. ¬†This is why remakes are so popular, when done right (I’m looking at you, Space Invaders Remake).

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