So, you’ve been building up your site’s equity, tirelessly searching around for a set of decent directories with good quality backlink profiles of their on to add yours to. And of course, you’ve already added your site to the king of these high quality directories, DMOZ, and already seen a boost in your site’s relevancy and equity.

But then, all of a sudden, things get turned on their head. As reported by SearchEngineLand here, the Iron Throne of the directories is about to be vacated! That’s right, DMOZ is closing!

Whilst many of us in the Digital Marketing industry have long since practically forgotten about DMOZ in favour of other methods of marketing sites or services, it was still a place for many small businesses, bloggers or new sites to get a boost in equity from. So, with it closing on March 14th, where exactly does that leave everyone who has been using it?

Well, it’s pretty obvious, really; your lovely little backlink from DMOZ is going to go… So, you will lose any of the equity that the site was passing to you! Whilst that should be self-explanatory by the fact that DMOZ won’t be around anymore, the important thing is what to do going forward.

According to MajesticSEO, DMOZ has a Trust Flow of 81, which is an insanely high score. On top of that, Ahrefs gives the directory a Domain Rank of 73, and for those still looking at DA, DMOZ has score of 91! That is a damn good site to have a backlink from! So, you’re probably going to feel it when you lose it, depending on what other links you have in your backlink profile.

So, what can you do? Well, unforunately, there is no quick win scenario here. You’re either going to need to start search around again to find a comparatively high site to get a link from, or your going to need to start getting as many mid-level links as possible!

Realistically, I would suggest trying to work with sites that have a Trust Flow of at least 40, and get as many of them to link to you as possible. And if that doesn’t work, drop down to 30. But keep in mind that, the lower the Trust Flow, the more of them you’ll need to counteract the loss of the DMOZ link.

It’s time to get link building again, in a pretty big way (but then, really, that should never be stopped anyway). And it’s also time to say farewall to DMOZ.

Have you used DMOZ before? Does the idea of losing such a high profile link worry you? Let me know in the comments below!

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