Welcome to the first ever WP Quickie post here on That Marketing Punk! These are basically short and quick tutorials for various aspects of running a WordPress site. This one, for example, will deal with getting your site up and running, and getting into the admin dashboard again, once a plugin has caused a 500 Server Error.

I Have A 500 Server Error, What Do I Do?

Okay, so it’s a pretty common story; you’ve been looking around for a plugin that does a certain task, and you’ve finally come across one that claims to do exactly what you need! So, you go into the WordPress dashboard and install the plugin. However, as soon as you click “activate”, you’re greeted with a 500 Server Error page.

Panicking, you try to get back into the dashboard to deactive the plugin, but find that even the admin panel no longer loads. If this has ever happened to you, then it might be nice to hear that there’s a simple fix that doesn’t involve playing around in the database, or reinstalling WordPress!

To put it simply, you need to disable your plugins entirely in order to get back into the admin dashboard. To do that, you can either play around in the database, or just do the following.

  1. Open your FTP or file manager in c-panel.
  2. Navigate to the wp-content
  3. Rename the plugins folder to something else. I usually rename it to plugins-disable
  4. Now login to the admin dashboard, and go to the Installed Plugins page. All plugins will be disabled because their files can’t be found!
  5. Go back and put the plugins folder name back to normal (plugins).

Now, if you know which plugin caused the issue, you can delete it. Otherwise, if you need to find out what caused the error, you can turn on the plugins one by one until the error reoccurs. At that point, start from point one again to log back in to the dashboard again and then delete that plugin.

Have you ever ran into this error? Was the post helpful? Let me know in the comments below!

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